Intro: Lilah Beebe/ Week1 Reflection

Hello all! My name is Lilah Beebe I am a senior at Mary Washington and will be graduating in the Spring with a major in Sociology and a minor Business Administration. I have gone to Mary Wash all four years of my college career and have enjoyed it immensely! I’ve especially liked classes like these where topics are free flowing, fun and exciting to complete. I believe that the superhero theme for this semester will inspire many creative digital images. I’m excited to learn more about specific types of digital media which I have not heard of or created before.

This week it was pretty simple creating all the different media cites except for the domain of one’s own because I struggled to figure out if it was supposed to be a blog or a website directly linked to the our domain of ones own. The only other thing besides that which I struggled with was deciding what to name my domain of ones own because I had not decided what exactly I wanted to have my digital media really focus on.

I decided on the idea of how powerful technology and media are because of how controlling and influential both can be. Especially in recent years with the advancements in technology and the continually questionable credibility of certain information or media. I believe that with our new President credibility is becoming an ever more prevalent issue and topic of media. I’m considering it a challenge on how to present these ideas through media and especially music but I’m certain I will enjoy it! I wish all of the students the best and can’t wait to see where everyone’s superpowers lie in this digital studies class!

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