My name is Star Fly

Today is my 7th day on the planet Earth and I have decided to document it. My name is Star Fly I have come to a strange planet and have not found a way to return to my own planet Centron. The beings here are strange though luckily I am able to fit in because I can transform to look like them. I have added a picture I took on something they call a phone. Though I have landed in a strange place called Bangkok on this world. It seems the world is split into different sections that are islands and then split further into smaller areas with different names and it continues till it is what they call a town. It seems that a place structured this way would be a heavily divided place. I have not found out how far the divide goes yet but from my experience on the streets of Bangkok people are not kind to one another. I have been going around providing warm meals to hungry here who have nothing and no one seems to care. I buy them a meal and give them some heat for the night by creating stars that are small gas burning suns that can last for years. They only heat or hurt, if I am using them for battle, what I command them too so if I give them the ability to heat food and humans but not to a point of damage they shall, as long as they burn, keep to those commands. I plan to continue the same work today and start to find out other issues that this planet is encountering.

I am heading to the library now to research this place. I have stopped twice to provide my stars and food to 3 unfortunate beings that had no food. I was able to buy them food because I can turn anything into money here just like my appearance I can change anything’s appearance. The rocks on the streets work best since no one needs them. Entering the library where I was told I could find much information I went to the help desk and asked for information on the world. The “librarian” answered that I could look into the scientific information on the world, or to look in the history section for information on human’s actions, or at the newspapers for more recent events. I decided to look at all the newspapers for today and found that there are many horrific events happening around this world. One that is most predominate is the North Korea’s threat of nuclear war and another is the President of the United States, Trump who seems to be completely against other human’s rights. There are many other articles that point to a very tumultuous world and I have an instinct that says I’m here to help these beings. We shall see what tomorrow brings in at the library, I am thinking about trying out what humans call a computer.






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  1. I love that your character is out of this world. Its very different from other peoples approaches to their “superhero.” I also enjoy the fact that it’s so current.. for instance the reference to Trump being against human rights.

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