Reflection Week 2


This week every assignment was pretty easy to figure out other than the smashup that I attempted to create this week but will hopefully post next week! It was taking me too long trying to get the beat and everything match and even since I wanted this to be a decent piece of music that I myself would want to listen to I am hoping to refine it next week and post it then! Also I have found a better program so hopefully that will help me. Some of the daily creates seemed a little difficult so I waited for easier ones to complete. For example I didn’t do the one where you had to morph your face into a fruit because I didn’t have the correct program on my computer. I also tried to download one but it did not work how I was expecting even while following a tutorial.

Assignments from the assignment bank:

I decided to do a Disney journal entry because I am a huge fan of Disney and love the character Merida from Brave. I don’t think that there is a true villain in the movie yes Mor’du is the evil character but he is not the one who caused problems. I believe that the villain in the movie is a more relatable evil that I interpreted to be her hurt feelings and obstinate nature turn to dislike and annoyance for her mother. This ever increasing dislike for each others viewpoints and their strong willed nature makes each have even stronger beliefs in their own position. They eventually end up not having or allowing any middle ground it is either their way or no way. This leads them to both doing something that they regret. Like when her mother throws her bow into the fire which is something that she cherishes deeply. Or when Merida decides to give her mother a potion to try and change her mind and turns her into a bear on accident. After her mother turns into a bear Merida learns that unless she can figure out the riddle her mother will become an actual wild beast instead of having her mind in the bears body. In the end the “villain” or the evil/bad feelings that they had about each other were defeated because by restoring their torn relationship she was able to change her mother back.

Merida Disney Journal

For another assignment I chose to create a postcard assignment because I have a picture that I am in love with from my trip to Italy. I thought it would turnout to be a really good postcard. It turns out I was right because I love the boarder and the font I chose I think it looks like it could be a legitimate postcard. For the boarder and the font added onto the photo I used a website called Canva which the creator of the assignment suggested and it worked great! I may even use the postcard to send to my family who went with me on my trip as a way to catch up and say hello!

For my third assignment I chose another movie/TV related subject with making my own family house based off the series Game of Thrones. I used a website where I could choose from different colors, backgrounds, symbols, and I was able to create my house’s own saying. It was a very cool and easy assignment though I enjoyed it and even shared it with my family who loved it. I am a Game of Thrones fan so this assignment really stuck out to me and I thought it would be a really cool thing to create!!

Daily Create Assignments:

For the first one I chose to do the 4th law of robots which I decided should be that they must be environmentally conscious. I chose this because I think they should make up for the problems that advances in technology and industry have created. By this I mean pollution that has been produced for a century by the factories that have lead to the creation of robots. I got the image off line because I wanted an example of what I was thinking but the idea was original.

For the second one I had my friend pronounce the word floccinaucinihilipilification while using it in a sentence. I decided to have her say it because she has so much personality that I knew hers would sound much better than my attempt! Plus I love her laugh so I hope you enjoy it!!

The third one I decided to do was the harsh truth poster I took mine a different route than most people. I wanted to have a more serious tone to what I was saying because I wanted people to stop and think about how this quote made them feel or what it made them realize. I chose a quote that meant people will never be happy only caring about what others think. I chose this quote because I have struggled with this idea for a long time. I know that the only persons whose opinion should matter is my own but its so easy to become caught up in all of the images of others peoples lives which you get caught comparing your own life to. It creates a place in your head that says you won’t ever be good enough but you need to accept yourself and see that the only person that matters who thinks that is yourself and to take a step back from societal expectations or standards. Hopefully one day I will be able to follow my own advice! I used a picture of myself and tried to make it moodier by darkening it and adding more shadows because I wanted not only the quote but the picture to have a feeling itself.

Overall I really enjoyed creating all of these things and have realized that I was supposed to post them when I finished them in a format like a blog not all in my reflection. Sorry I didn’t realize that until now I’m not sure how I managed to believe this was correct but next week will be in the correct way!

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