Week 9: Fluffy Out

This week since I wasn’t able to listen in to the radioshows live and comment tweets I listened to this one https://soundcloud.com/eric-dorman-848907221/ds106radiogroup-21  and have a couple comments. I really like that they weren’t just all telling their own sections without any feedback I kinda wish our group had made it more interactive with the other members. One thing I didn’t like was that there wasn’t any background music but they did add some sound effects which I thought were placed well and added a little more dimension to their show! Overall I enjoyed their personalities and realize that it was hard to make a show that had conversations because it was hard for our group to figure out how we wanted to make a section where it was more dialogue and less narrative but we decided it would be better if we just stuck to our own parts.

I also nominated this image for it to be featured on the main page for DS106 because I think it would be interesting to have a more engaging front page since its a gif. I also think it eye catching (pun intended) lol Plus I just really enjoy the execution and how the image ends up looking.


For my first web story telling assignment I enjoyed using the Mozilla X-ray Goggles on a BBC story, which I made more comedic commenting on the images that were submitted for a competition. Here’s my post:

Web Story Telling

For the 6 stars that we needed for web assignments I did the assignment that asked you to translate something that you found off the web by using google translate.

This is the Korean I translated 여기가 바로 그 한번보면 병걸린다는 곳인가요?

This is what google translate says it says: Is this the place look very one takes a bottle?

Here is the post about the background behind the comment

Wacky Google Translate

The second I did was using google drawing website that had to try and guess what you were drawing. I found out it’s really hard to draw with a trackpad lol

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad


So these are my posts:

Here is how I am going to combine them:

This is the story of Fluffy the Vampire also known as death eater when she goes into full fledged vampire mode. She’s one of the nice ones as long as you don’t get on her bad side then she turns into the last image! As you can see she likes to help motivate her friends with loving messages of support! She used to be really popular and in with the celebrity crowds such as the Jonas Brothers but they crossed her (literally) they thought it would be a joke to bring a cross and holy water but one of them splashed her with the holy water. She was never sure if they knew it would burn her or not but it did and she turned to Death Eater chasing them until they went into their neighbors time machine which she followed them through and ended up in the year 2117. While there she lost them and was able to calm down and return to Fluffy the Vampire though she never forgave them she was able to see that her true friends weren’t the famous ones who would do something like that just to gain attention but the ones she was able to be herself around and not have to pretend to be someone or something she wasn’t.



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