WEEK 8: KLLM Radio Show Finished

Like I mentioned in my last post I was really glad to be able to work together with people and see them face-to-face. Overall the making my section of the podcast was not difficult but the background music and figuring out when to add background sound effects was. I ended up not adding sound effects because I just couldn’t get them how I wanted so I took them out. I did really enjoy the music in my background and how I changed it depending on the feelings I was expressing while telling my story. I wish I would have lowered the volume on some of the music so my voice was more in the forefront of the audio instead of the music competing with me. I really enjoyed making the commercial and the bumper I think those turned out really well and I enjoyed the topics and the way I presented them. I wish that we were able to figure out how to stabilize the audio so that the whole thing was on a more even sound level and there weren’t spikes in the volume but I really enjoyed everyones products. I think that everyones choice of background music was spot on and probably my favorite thing that I noticed in the show because as I have mentioned before I love discovering and listening to new music. Lots of fun! Hope you enjoy listening!

Daily Creates

The first one I chose to do was about the simplicity of minimalism and to capture that in a picture you had taken. I chose this picture because I love the simplicity yet delicateness of the flower. Know reflecting on it I don’t think that this is really minimalism because there is so much more that goes into this flower than the shape or the vibrant color or the complex structure. But I still love it and I still think there is an element of minimalism but I’m not sure quit what it is. lol


The second one I completed was on spirals and how beautiful they are. I chose the ball staircase because I had noticed the beautiful way it is built and the small details like the railings and stones used for the steps many times since I’ve lived there.




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