WEEK 7: KLLM Radio

This week it was fun working together and actually seeing other people in the group! I really like our idea of combining origin stories and relating them to real world problems today. I used all of my audio assignments to relate to the radio show.

This was the bumper I made

This is the commercial


Daily Creates:

  1. The first one I made was about the satellite that was rotating around Saturn. I decided to make a funny saying because robots don’t have feelings or able to think so I thought my idea was a little ironic since it wouldn’t be thinking that anyways.

2 The second one I did was on how I look when trying to finish blogging. I really like this movie and I like the gif so I decided to use it to amplify my statement lol

3. The third one I did was about possible spies that amazon has. I used my friends cat as an example because she always likes to sit on my computer and watch the screen.


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