Week 6: It’s the little things

This week I started off not really knowing where to begin because I knew very little about the specifics of design and seeing all the different categories on the photoblitz assignment made me a little hesitant but I think I did a pretty good job. Though I wish I would have taken more time and figured out how to use the programs properly on some of the design assignments I’m mostly pleased with how they came out! Overall I learned a lot about design and enjoyed most of the assignments that we had to do. I thought the videos about how comic creators think about how we read and how they use that information to control where our eyes go while reading a comic. Superrrr interesting!!!

Here are 2 of the assignments that I did can you guess either of them?

I enjoyed thinking up the idea for my superheros tattoo because I was able to combine a design that I want and add in an aspect of my heroes “life” too.

Daily Creates

The first one I did was the remembering what fears you had when you were little. I can’t remember anything before high school and thats actually something I’m afraid about now because I’m worried my memory will get worse.

The next dailycreates I completed was on the topic of making a vegetable smile. Because of limited resources I did a very simple face.

The third one I completed was on the topic of discarded storm names. I chose stormaggedon because I thought it was funny and thought I could make a humorous image out of it. This would be the movie about the storm if it actually happened.



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