WEEK 14: Final Project

We have finished early on our project because we did not know that there wasn’t anything due over break so we planned and organized it around getting it done this Friday. The as we were looking over the assignment again we realized that we had another week to work on the project but we were pretty much finished other tan some editing that needed to be done so we decided to finish it up this weekend.

For my and Maggie O’Connor’s project we created a youtube channel called Wonder Women whose goal is to bring light to the triumphs of women superheroes since they aren’t portrayed in media as much as their male counterparts. We created a logo for the youtube channel and wrote made a story for the info section of the channel. I love how the logo that Maggie created turned out it looks really cool! I wrote the summary and made 2 out of the 5 videos. In creating our videos we collaborated a lot to create a cohesive and flowing story for each of the videos. We wrote out the scripts for each of the videos separately and used film that we created and also film and photos from online sources. We also added special effects to the videos such as slow-mo and voice changer tools. We added audio to the background of our videos including sound effects such as explosions and zooming sounds and voice recordings. We put a lot of effort into creating these videos and trying to incorporate a lot of different audio, video, and characters into one cohesive project.


Video1:Joining forces of the two heroes -2 min- maggie 

Video2: Intro for Black Dahlia do ourselves 2 mins 

Video 3: intro for Super Nova do ourselves 2 mins 

Video4::intro for villain-Global Warming melting the earth -Maggie 2 mins

Pics video?:for problem solved? -Lilah 2min


Lilah- Youtube channel and write up

Maggie- Logo 


The Story: 

Supernova and Black Dahlia have teamed up and defeated the man who threatened to destroy the world, the villain Global Warming. He was purposely releasing vast amounts of pollution into the air causing global temperatures to rise. The increasing temperatures began to have devastating effects on environments and wildlife worldwide. Until the dynamic duo Supernova and the Black Dahlia appeared and fought back the villain. The Black Dahlia using her ability to control plants started using them to cleanse the air by speeding up the plants respiratory function taking in the CO2 and releasing oxygen. While she was handling the pollution Supernova took charge in defeating the evil Global Warming by using her ability to create explosions from the palm of her hand and through them at her target. It was a difficult fight for both of them as the toxicity of the air surrounding Global Warming was very intense making it difficult to breath.


Video 1: Joining forces of the two heroes

Video 2: Black Dahlia Intro


Video 3: Intro to Supernova

Video 4: Intro to Global Warming

Video 5: Global Warming Defeated


I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!!!




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