WEEK 11: What happened? & Ketchup

This week I didn’t have much time to dedicate to ds106 so I wasn’t able to do as much or as good of quality filming as I wanted. Things kind of slipped away on me and I posted one of the daily creates late because I had forgotten to hit the tweet button lol. Overall my week has been a mess but here is what I have to show for it.

The first video assignment I completed was a video for my friends 21st, I used an assignment where you had to combine pictures with music to make a video. I changed the assignment a little to use for my purposes. Since she moved away to Las Vegas none of her family or friends could go and celebrate her bday with her so I created this video to let her know that we love her and are thinking about her on her bday. I love how it came out and she said it was exactly what she needed and she cried when she was watching it. One of her friends didn’t send me her voice over in time so there’s a big section without talking and her mom couldn’t figure out how to send it to me either so that’s another big section without talking it would have been perfect if they had sent them to me but I’m still very happy with how it came out.



The second assignment I did was about a PSA. I kind of changed up the assignment a little instead of making a PSA I wanted to make one of those dramatic fact videos about a relevant issue in todays society. It is also about what my superhero tries to fight against, which is sexual abuse and the patriarchal society that propels it. I used statistics from RAINN, which stands for Rape Abuse & Incest National Network and combined images I found online with a song from Sam Smith that I thought was very appropriate.


The final video I created was for the storytelling assignment. I created a short video that I wanted people to use their imaginations to think of things that could have happened and who it could have happened to.

I didn’t add an ending credit page because I used an open music cite where I didn’t need to worry about copyrights. I took my own videos and combined them on iMovie and included background music that I found. Also the use of ketchup was helpful.

Daily Creates:

The 1st one I completed was about an idiom in a picture, which I used teh apple of her eye and a picture of my sister and I.

The second one I accidentally turned in late because I forgot to hit the tweet button. It was the one about whats behind the ds106 door.

The 3rd one I did was about recreating a picture from childhood but I’m not at home and I only have pictures with my siblings so I posted my favorite pic of me, my sister, and my mom.

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