WEEK 10: Not There Yet

I decided to title this week not there yet because I don’t believe that I did the best that I could do on the assignments that I had though I think that I had good ideas I don’t think I executed them as well as I could have. So the first post I did this week was the video essay.

Girls w/ Swords Are My Heroes

I decided to make the video off of the movie Memories of the Sword, which is a Korean movie that I discovered on Netflix and really enjoyed watching! I wanted to focus on 2 things that I really noticed and would be able to assume what the meaning was behind their uses so I focused on the use of light and dark and also the use of different height levels. They both seemed to be used as a way to establish a bad and a good and a more respected and lesser person. I used iMovie to combine it all!


The second post I made was one of the video assignments which I decided to do. It was the one where you video tape your feet during the day. I decided to do this one because I thought I could make it fun and it was fairly easy to combine everything on iMovie.

My Path is the Sound of my Feet on the Ground

My third post was my second video assignment which was to make a video like the one where someone is trying to “feed” Ryan Gosling cereal. But they use certain scenes from his movie where he is either upset, turning away, or looking disgusted so it seems like he just really doesn’t want to eat his cereal. I decided to use a reaction video because I thought I’d get a good variety of facial expressions and I was right! I liked how it turned out but a few things I wish were better was the image I wish the faces were closer and I wish I had held the Chapstick farther away from the camera so it looked more realistic. I combined the videos on iMovie and added a song to the background because I thought it would be funny!


Hopefully you thought that my videos were as fun to watch as they were for me to create and to the extent that I found them funny!!!

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