The Radio Show to the World


Talk about inspiring international music. Listen to music and mention lyrics and meanings behind the songs. Maybe only play parts of the songs and translate what they are saying. Have a few people giving their opinions have each member of the radio station choose a few songs to talk about and almost present to the other members of the radio show. Try and get viewers inputs on songs from Twitter and recommend others like it. We can tie in how superheroes like to listen to music too and can even gain strength from it. We should also tie in that there are other ideas of superheroes then the western created ones that we have learned. Also that there are different ideas then superheroes that there are also cultures that consider Gods like superheroes for example with Hindi and Japanese who pray to Shinto shrines.


I’m very interested in different countries cultures, customs, and especially their music. I have always been very interested in international music, culture and travel. I’m also very passionate about music so finding and hearing new music is one of my favorite things to do. I this idea will be different and will bring people new music listening experiences.

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