Black Dahlia

My name is Daisy Bates I am the Black Dahlia’s biggest fan. I have all articles and any information on her including the research that she has conducted. I have created a journal about all of the findings and my theory about why she became the Black Dahlia. My theory is that she is the famous botanist Lilah Tanoa she was born in Fiji in 1988 on January 23. She lived there until she was 6 when she started going to school in Australia when she entered high school she joined the rugby team and became one of the top players in her region. She was also one of the top academic students in her school and graduated the top of her class. After graduation she moved to the United States to go to college at Georgetown and earned her doctorate there as well.

During her time in college she constructed many experiments about ways to create plant-based defense materials to help stop sexual assault of women. Throughout her college experience she also joined the feminist club and was a very outspoken member and her senior year she was the president of the club and promoted many events including Speaking Out Against the Patriarchy which began a wave of movements across college campuses. She also continued to play club rugby for her school she kept in shape while after college by running marathons. After she graduated she was asked to join a botanist group in DC and work and experiment at the United States Botanic Garden she agreed and was able to continue working on her project in hopes of helping women avoid sexual assault.

In 2015 when working on this experiment it went wrong and one of her lab assistants died. It was also during this freak accident when she received her powers. After this event she fled from the field and is assumed to have become a recluse. There have been sightings though and that is why I believe I know who she is because the description fits Lilah’s appearance and also because she helps women who are about to be assaulted in Virginia. People have said that they have seen a similarly described woman entering the Shenandoah Mountains. Also at the crime areas where the assailants are left tried in vines there have been traces and evidence of her projects being used against the criminals.

Witnesses have described her as being in her late 20’s to early 30’s with curly, thick black hair, green eyes that have a wild look in them, have states that she is tall with an athletic build and broad shoulders. The blurry pictures captured from surveillance cameras show these to be true and also that she dresses in loose fitting linen clothes that have a earthen color to them. They state she has a strange accent and can’t place it I assume that from listening to her speeches it is a mix of Fijian and Australian accents. She left a note on the first assailant that she stopped that stated she was the Black Dahlia and that she wouldn’t stop fighting the patriarchy until men treated women as equals and not as things they are entitled to.

When considering why she chose the name Black Dahlia I’ve done some research and found out that it was the name given to a heinous murder case that happened in the late 1940’s. The victims name was Elizabeth Short she was only 22 years old when she was viciously beaten and then hacked perfectly in half. She was posed with a foot of distance between her top section and her bottom section. After her death people talked about her being a wild girl and ahead of her time because she would go out and drink until late in the morning. There is a record of arrest because she was charged with underage drinking. I believe that the reason why Lilah chose this name is because of the obvious assault that happened to Elizabeth Short and the suffering she must have gone through. But I also think its because of the way that society viewed Elizabeth Shorts as a reckless young women who wasn’t married and therefore because she put herself in those situations deserved what she got. I believe that the Black Dahlia fights for women and against the patriarchy under this name in order to show the prejudice and presumptions on how women should act. She is my role model I hope one day I can be as influential and helpful against the patriarchy as she is.

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