Week 5: My favorite

This week has been my favorite that we have had! I really enjoy audio and music. I’ve always been sensitive to the sounds around me and the my father instilled in me a strong love of music which morphed into a hunger to find new sounds from different countries. The first post that I made on my blog was about the Moon Graffiti podcast. I thought it was really well done and helped me to make the sound effect audio that I did. It made me think more about the background audio and the overall feeling that I wanted to create through the sounds I used. I remember one thing that stuck out to me was the undertones of worry in the astronauts voices that I could pick up and thought was a really good detail. The second post I made was a superhero playlist which I had made the first week of school to add to soundcloud. For this assignment I added a few more song to the playlist in this post.

For the next assignment I did I finally finished the mashup I started for week 1 and I think it turned out really well. I wish I could have figured out how to stabilize and make it more flowing. I thought these 2 songs would work well together and they ended up working out how I thought. I wish that I could have had them harmonize together but I couldn’t figure out a part that would have worked!

The next assignment that I completed was the brainstorming for a podcast which I decided since I am passionate about music and finding new types I would hold a world music podcast. During the podcast there would be a few presenters who would bring in a few songs and discuss what the musicians were talking about and what was interesting based of the musicality of the song.


The next audio assignment I completed was the sound effect story. I love the title that I gave this post Dark Room: Even Superheroes Can’t Save Everyone. I wanted to do something that had meaning and feelings involved like the Moon Graffiti podcast that we listened to. Like I mentioned the podcast really affected what I decided to do for this assignment. If you read the post you’ll see why I wrote it. Just as a side note I am not suicidal.


For the next assignment I completed was the Bumper for the DS106 radio. I used my idea for the podcast as inspiration for my bumper because if I had a radio station I would want it to be on the topic of world music. All of the songs I used as backgrounds are some of my favorite world music that I have on my ipod.



I was busy during the radio show times that they posted so I wasn’t able to participate during that time but I did tune in during part of tuesday I believe and I really enjoyed the mans voice who was on the podcast. He could be a voice actor for BBC Planet Earth so nice to listen to!

Daily Creates:

My first one I did was answering the question whats cooking. Which I responded of my favorite kpop artist being silly while cooking.

For my second daily create I decided to answer the prompt imagine a world in which that thing does not exist. I decided to do a flashlight, my idea was to create one that had reflective material and clear material in alternating angles so that it reflects light to all areas.



My third daily create was making or finding a clever open sign for a business. I thought this was a funny, clever one thats does not explicitly say that the business is open.









Week 4: It’s all about the angle

This week I really enjoyed the assignments and was able to do them more spread out because they didn’t demand so much time to plan out or lots of writing. I enjoyed learning more about photography and am still very surprised how much I didn’t really understand from photos or the certain feelings you can have other than thinking a photo looks nice! It was interesting looking and thinking about photos that I have seen online or have taken myself and thought about what the photographer was trying to portray and how I understood it.

For my first assignment I did this week was a bunch of photographs taken at the same place at different times of day it was worth 4 stars. I decided to change it a little and have it taken all around the same time which was when the sun was setting. I used photos I had taken throughout multiple years and combined them into one photo. I wish that the land on the waterline matched better but using photoshop was a little challenging when trying to place things where I wanted. Other than that I really like how it came out. 

For my second assignment I choose was worth 2 stars and its instructions were to take a bad picture add a vintage effect on it and write something moody in a bland font. It was pretty easy I went through pictures I had on my computer and found one where I had accidentally taken a picture while on the metro. I liked the idea of making it a moody picture and adding a brooding quote even though it wasn’t a good picture I like how it turned out even if it is a tad bit ridiculous! I used iPhoto to add a vintage effect and I added text by uploading the photo online. I also added that my Superhero was having a bad day and brooding about it on the metro.

For my 3rd assignment I chose it’s a bird, it’s a plane and used a picture of my cat I had taken because I think it was a good blurry picture where you could kind of guess what it was but its also slightly obscure.

For the Photoblits assignment I really enjoyed the degree of creativity it needed to actually create decent pictures! It was fun walking down campus walk and noticing small things I hadn’t before. I really like the angles that I took these photos from . I think that creating a different angle that we wouldn’t normally view something adds more dynamic to the photo. And it can also add to the colors and the feeling of the photograph.

This is one of my favorite ones that I took:

And here are the other ones

For twitter this week I accidentally did 4 instead of 3 lol but I will pick my favorite Daily Creates I did!

1st I added words to a gif about what my defining moment was. I used this gif because not getting onto my high school volleyball team was the last event that made me decide to go to a private school. This was probably the best decision of my life because I thoroughly enjoyed school and specially volleyball which I played all 4 years and went to states for 3 of them.

For my second I did the the Paperback Paradise theme. I found an image online that looked like a dramatic paperback photo and added a title I thought was funny. I decided on the title because of his facial expressions and also because of the setting around them. It gives no hint as to what will happen next or what their relationship is.


For the third one I chose the shadow effect one and was reminded that its all about angles and perspective. I actually really like how it turned out! the glisten on the trash bag and the effect the black and white has on the image by sharpening the shadow and the black liquid look of the trash bag.




Summary Week3

This week was a little difficult for me because I am a slow writer and I have a problem taking too much time trying to layout the specifics of what I am going to write and not enough time to actually write it and have time to edit. So this week my posts were mostly on Friday because I kept tweaking what I wanted to do hopefully if next week is another writing one I’ll get ahead of it so I can post throughout the week. I did enjoy reading about the superheroes this week I never thought that I would be interested enough to want to read about them but learning about the influences from long ancient and Middle Age times was really interesting. I’m glad I looked more into the use of female knights as a prototype because I found out more about them and it surprised me. I was surprised because I didn’t know that women were allowed to become knights because of the stereotypes that they are weak and in need of protection especially during those times when they were married off as soon as they could produce children! I had fun creating both of my superhero characters! I enjoyed making a superhero avatar from a website that was super easy to use and I admit I went through a few names from the generator until I got one that I wanted but I was happy with the name and the powers I was given. It made for an interesting story! I enjoyed writing it. Also adding on to the role-play post was interesting I wasn’t even sure where I was taking it but it was going lol. I wonder if anyone can guess what I described in my other writing assignment where I had to narrate the day in the life of a household item, I hope someone can!

Daily Creates:

The first one I did was about how people can deceive you into thinking there photo is artsy when actually its just staged perfectly in the cropped portion of the picture. I decided to do mine on the appearance of doing work and what most people like to think that they look like and what they want others to think which is that they are studious when in reality they are not. I struggle with this sometimes because I want to be able to be the studious and always focused and organized college student but that’s the farthest from the truth. Sometimes I just need a good TV episode to take a break between assignments with hence the picture entitled “What’s really going on here?”.


For the second daily one it probably took me the longest out of all the daily creates but only because I was stubbornly trying not to use photoshop and find another program online that could do it but I eventually gave up and used it anyways. Seeing the outcome I wish I would have figured out how to move the gif image but I couldn’t. That being said because I couldn’t move it I wish I had had the time to change the gif part instead of Gdragon a South Korean rap artist I would have put Psy another South Korean artist best known for Gangnam style. I would have chosen him instead because he has a move that looks like he is riding a horse and it would have fit since he would have been on top of the horses lol. I chose to do South Korean artists because the picture was from when Japan invaded and took over Pyongyang which was the capital of Korea when it was whole and is at the moment the North Korean Capital so I thought adding some new wave kpop artist dancing in an ancient painting would be funny! And it was I just wish it would have moved where I wanted it!!




The third one I did was what I would want my superpower to be and I decided I wanted to be a waterbender! I decided this because Avatar: The Last Airbender was my favorite TV show when I was little and my favorite character was Katara. She was a princess from the water tribe and had a fierce yet caring and badass side to her. So I tried to make myself look like I had bending powers hopefully I can make a more realistic looking one with a green screen for an assignment one of these weeks but we shall see.

This is Katara is and

and this is me trying to be Katara