Dark Room: Even Superheroes Can’t Save Everyone

It’s a very dark audio warning people now. I knew I wanted something emotional for the audio but I didn’t know it would come out like this and actually make me feel a little uncomfortable. Other than wanting an emotional audio I’m not sure where the inspiration came from. Maybe it’s because a lot of my friends have gone through and are going through a lot of terrible things and I’m very grateful that they chose to get help and not resort to suicide. Though they are all still recovering they are in much better places then when they started their recovery.  Just to state I am not thinking about hurting myself it has just been relevant in my friends life and I’ve been scared for them and unsure what they would do. When people you care about aren’t in the right mind and aren’t even sure what they are capable of, you worry and start to imagine something terrible might happen.


The Radio Show to the World


Talk about inspiring international music. Listen to music and mention lyrics and meanings behind the songs. Maybe only play parts of the songs and translate what they are saying. Have a few people giving their opinions have each member of the radio station choose a few songs to talk about and almost present to the other members of the radio show. Try and get viewers inputs on songs from Twitter and recommend others like it. We can tie in how superheroes like to listen to music too and can even gain strength from it. We should also tie in that there are other ideas of superheroes then the western created ones that we have learned. Also that there are different ideas then superheroes that there are also cultures that consider Gods like superheroes for example with Hindi and Japanese who pray to Shinto shrines.


I’m very interested in different countries cultures, customs, and especially their music. I have always been very interested in international music, culture and travel. I’m also very passionate about music so finding and hearing new music is one of my favorite things to do. I this idea will be different and will bring people new music listening experiences.

Mashup: Runaway by Aurora and The Night we Met by Lord Huron

This is a mashup assignment worth 4 stars. This took me a long time to complete and I wish I was able to edit it a little more so it ran a little smoother but I am happy with how it turned out! I chose these songs because I love both of them and I thought since they had similar vibes to their songs they would work well together. I was correct and was surprised that when I was finished and listened to it Lord Huron’s song sounded like it was supposed to be there! It seemed as more of an addition to the song to create more dynamic in the song.



The Likely Tragedy

Response to the storytelling podcast

Starting off I wasn’t really sure if where they were until they started counting down to landing and I wasn’t sure until the failure speech was being read that it was a space mission and not an airplane. I really enjoyed the little effects because you could here the sounds like you were moving quickly through the air but in a closed space like your driving in a car. Also when the 2 people in the spacecraft were talking there was an undertone of unease and panic that I could pick up on.

I’m also really enjoying the dynamic of the two characters one is focusing on ways to fix their problems while the other is entranced by their surroundings. I’m halfway through the audio and I’m more intrigued how these two people will handle each other than if they will be able to leave! Yes the noises and voice actors are very talented in creating this whole scenario from setting up the background and the feelings of the people involved. I enjoyed when they were planting the flag because they seemed a little remote and the feeling was sort of well I guess that’s what we can do. Also the annoyance with it not standing up and them feeling like they had to. It made it seem like they wanted to take a picture with it to show what they died for almost. I wish there was a visual with the one section of audio went a little crazy because it was a little hard to figure out what exactly was happening.

The last part, the speech that was created in case they did not come back is super dramatic. It’s almost talking like they are trying not to place the blame on the engineering or the government but sounds like they are saying shit happens. Kinda disconcerting. This was a really interesting podcast sometimes I can’t really get into them but I thought it was cool that they created a scenario based off a speech and an event that did happen but didn’t. If you understand what I mean because they wrote the speech incase they did not succeed and the podcast created an event that well could have happened but didn’t. So creative and encompassing !!


The Fuzzy Creature Strikes Again

What the hell is that thing!! Again it has entered a seemingly innocent persons room and pounced on them leaving them with fur and a minor bite on their neck! Many of the people have not been able to get a good look but one of the survivors were able to capture this image because they were on Snapchat during the time of the attack. We can not tell from the picture how big the creature was the victims state that they closed their eyes because it was coming at their faces. The attacks have only been happening during the full moon we know it sounds insane but we are starting to think that this creature is a werewolf! Any person who has information or experienced an attack should come forward and help find this creature! Please help before there are more victims!

Brooding on the Metro


This assignment was worth 2 stars I had to take a bad picture add a vintage effect on it and write something moody in a bland font. It was pretty easy I went through pictures I had on my computer and found one where I had accidentally taken a picture while on the metro. I liked the idea of making it a moody picture and adding a brooding quote even though it wasn’t a good picture I like how it turned out even if it is a tad bit ridiculous! I used iPhoto to add a vintage effect and I added text by uploading the photo online.

Also I think it helps to portray a bad day for a superhero when they have to take the metro or they have to go to work instead of helping save people. The Star Fly was having a hard day on the metro while thinking about other beings who used to be her friends.

Intricacies of Photography

Reading the article blew my mind! More like it surprised me how oblivious I had been about photography.

I had never thought of a picture as a story before reading these articles. Well I had thought about it but more from a historical and news perspective when people were blatantly trying to tell a story through their photography or where they were intentionally trying to capture a specific moment. I think since I mostly see peoples everyday pictures like from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and not pictures from actual photographers other than travel photos that I didn’t really notice that there were more powerful uses of photography than to show off your life or news events. I fell very silly for not realizing before this but the popular images are those that I have mentioned before many people don’t use it for a powerful story telling method instead it is for humor (which can be made into a powerful story but most are just for a laugh at someone) or travel lust pictures. Since I had not thought about photography in this way the article about storytelling was very eye opening and intriguing because I didn’t know that photography needed that much insight! I hope I can employ these tactics and instructions to create really intriguing and thought provoking photography.