This was one of the video assignments that I decided to do because I really enjoyed watching the Ryan Gosling one that was given as an example. I decided to use a reaction video so there would be a variety of different facial reactions. I enjoyed making it because it was also fun to watch the peoples reactions! I think that the Ryan Gosling video was better executed and I think if I took my time to find a video that stayed longer on one persons reaction it would have come out better but I tried to make it funny and used a funny song in the background trying to make my “frustration” or “sadness” that they wouldn’t use the Chapstick as a joke. I used iMovie to combine the videos add background music and the little comments at the top.


My Path is the Sound of my Feet on the Ground

I decided to do this assignment as one of the 10 video assignments. The assignment was to video where my feet went during the day and I decided to do mine in the evening because thats normally when I do more things than just going to classes. I’ve always loved the line from the song Carry On by FUN, which I used as my title and I thought that it was on point for the video and I got it to sync up with the beat and my walking and also when I was practicing Bhangra which I thought was cool. I just used iMovie and downloaded the song to use it. Very easy to do and I liked what I decided to video thought the change in lighting and what I did looked good and was at times a little funny.

Girls w/ Swords Are My Heroes

I decided to focus on a specific scene for the assignment which was the end sword fight from Memories of the Sword. It is a Korean movie that I found on Netflix and really enjoyed watching so I decided I wanted to do it on that specific scene. In the beginning I thought I would comment on lots of the different details but after writing a lot about what to say I decided to focus on 2 key elements that I saw right away. I wanted to be able to talk about something that I understood or how I interrupted it so i focused on the play between dark and light in the different scenes and the use of height differences that play throughout and have significant tie to good, bad, king and peasant.


Week 9: Fluffy Out

This week since I wasn’t able to listen in to the radioshows live and comment tweets I listened to this one  and have a couple comments. I really like that they weren’t just all telling their own sections without any feedback I kinda wish our group had made it more interactive with the other members. One thing I didn’t like was that there wasn’t any background music but they did add some sound effects which I thought were placed well and added a little more dimension to their show! Overall I enjoyed their personalities and realize that it was hard to make a show that had conversations because it was hard for our group to figure out how we wanted to make a section where it was more dialogue and less narrative but we decided it would be better if we just stuck to our own parts.

I also nominated this image for it to be featured on the main page for DS106 because I think it would be interesting to have a more engaging front page since its a gif. I also think it eye catching (pun intended) lol Plus I just really enjoy the execution and how the image ends up looking.

For my first web story telling assignment I enjoyed using the Mozilla X-ray Goggles on a BBC story, which I made more comedic commenting on the images that were submitted for a competition. Here’s my post:

Web Story Telling

For the 6 stars that we needed for web assignments I did the assignment that asked you to translate something that you found off the web by using google translate.

This is the Korean I translated 여기가 바로 그 한번보면 병걸린다는 곳인가요?

This is what google translate says it says: Is this the place look very one takes a bottle?

Here is the post about the background behind the comment

Wacky Google Translate

The second I did was using google drawing website that had to try and guess what you were drawing. I found out it’s really hard to draw with a trackpad lol

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad


So these are my posts:

Here is how I am going to combine them:

This is the story of Fluffy the Vampire also known as death eater when she goes into full fledged vampire mode. She’s one of the nice ones as long as you don’t get on her bad side then she turns into the last image! As you can see she likes to help motivate her friends with loving messages of support! She used to be really popular and in with the celebrity crowds such as the Jonas Brothers but they crossed her (literally) they thought it would be a joke to bring a cross and holy water but one of them splashed her with the holy water. She was never sure if they knew it would burn her or not but it did and she turned to Death Eater chasing them until they went into their neighbors time machine which she followed them through and ended up in the year 2117. While there she lost them and was able to calm down and return to Fluffy the Vampire though she never forgave them she was able to see that her true friends weren’t the famous ones who would do something like that just to gain attention but the ones she was able to be herself around and not have to pretend to be someone or something she wasn’t.



Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Sorry if the last one looks a little weird it was really hard to draw with my track pad haha. I think that it has a set list of words that it goes through and depending how you draw the lines I’m sure it tracks it and thats how it got so many of them right.


Wacky Google Translate

This is the video off of Youtube I used to look for comments in different languages because it is a Korean artist and the video is a little controversial in Korea so I was going to see if I could find a comment about its controversy.

This is the Korean I translated 여기가 바로 그 한번보면 병걸린다는 곳인가요?

This is what google translate says it says: Is this the place look very one takes a bottle?

As you can see the statement doesn’t even make any sense and then even with seeing the video it makes no sense at all. There is no context for this statement so I am guessing that this isn’t even close to what the actual Korean says. lol

Web Story Telling

I used the Mozilla X-ray Goggles that was suggested on the assignment details. It was pretty simple to use other than I had to find a page that already had an image because I couldn’t figure out how to replace other images. I didn’t want something too outrageous and I liked that I could pass off the images and create a new story behind them while still  keeping some of the information about them. It was a fun assignment I enjoyed it.

WEEK 8: KLLM Radio Show Finished

Like I mentioned in my last post I was really glad to be able to work together with people and see them face-to-face. Overall the making my section of the podcast was not difficult but the background music and figuring out when to add background sound effects was. I ended up not adding sound effects because I just couldn’t get them how I wanted so I took them out. I did really enjoy the music in my background and how I changed it depending on the feelings I was expressing while telling my story. I wish I would have lowered the volume on some of the music so my voice was more in the forefront of the audio instead of the music competing with me. I really enjoyed making the commercial and the bumper I think those turned out really well and I enjoyed the topics and the way I presented them. I wish that we were able to figure out how to stabilize the audio so that the whole thing was on a more even sound level and there weren’t spikes in the volume but I really enjoyed everyones products. I think that everyones choice of background music was spot on and probably my favorite thing that I noticed in the show because as I have mentioned before I love discovering and listening to new music. Lots of fun! Hope you enjoy listening!

Daily Creates

The first one I chose to do was about the simplicity of minimalism and to capture that in a picture you had taken. I chose this picture because I love the simplicity yet delicateness of the flower. Know reflecting on it I don’t think that this is really minimalism because there is so much more that goes into this flower than the shape or the vibrant color or the complex structure. But I still love it and I still think there is an element of minimalism but I’m not sure quit what it is. lol


The second one I completed was on spirals and how beautiful they are. I chose the ball staircase because I had noticed the beautiful way it is built and the small details like the railings and stones used for the steps many times since I’ve lived there.




KLLM Radio: Update

This week it took my group a little while to get our groups together and figure out a sort of idea online but once we were able to meet in person our ideas were able to be better stated and understood. We decided on the show name KLLM which uses each of our first initials and our subtitle/slogan is “changing the world one origin story at time”. So our topic is combining the 2 topics from people in our group to talk about the origins of superheroes and how they are combating a big world issue like global warming, sexual harassment, fake news, etc. We are all planning on making the bumpers, commercials, and background sounds for our sections this week for the audio assignments. Over break we are planning to record our own sections of the show and then meet up next week to combine them all and have a short reflection conversation for the ending of the show. 

Background Music KLLM Radio

I didn’t make a full flowing background sound I just chose a couple from garageband that I thought I could use for certain parts of my section in the radio show.

To explain from the beginning of the song I thought the first short section could be used to introduce my character and I can make those sounds loop for as long as I need. For the next section I thought I could use that to describe more about her life and maybe a self realization moment. For the third section I thought it would be a good background to describe something dramatic either the way she because superhuman or when she is fighting “villains”. The next part I thought I could use as maybe an emerging from a fight victorious but bruised and the next section would be a more background sound when I add other elements to it. So now that I’ve gotten a few sounds I’ll write my script and see how long of each section I need and make more basic background music to add the more dramatic sounds to.