WEEK 14: Advice

I have enjoyed creating all different kinds of media this semester for this class. I especially enjoyed the audio week because I’m very into experimenting and listening to new music from around the world. Starting off this semester I dedicated a lot of time to each assignment but as time went on I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to the assignments. This resulted in them not coming out as well as I had hoped they would. Still on certain assignments that I really wanted to come out how I had envisioned them I would devote more time to those specific projects. If your really devoted to the assignments and putting in the time to make them how you envisioned them you will need to work on time management for the week. I would also advise choosing assignments that you will actually enjoy making so that you’re more interested in creating a decent product. If you are stumped on a project or trying to find a certain type of generator check out the resources on the DS106 page because they can be very helpful. Also if the creator of the assignment has posted a website to us I would suggest using them because it can make the assignment much easier and quicker to complete. Using GIMP is a pain if you can just use one of the school computers that have Photoshop on it and use GIMP if its last resort on your computer. Also if you can’t find anything on the DS106 website to help you produce what you want to then Google it! Most of the time if I needed some sort of tool for editing or combining images I could simply Google it and use a website that had appeared. Just enjoy the assignments try to keep up with them and not make it feel like it’s a hassle because at the end of the semester it feels good to be proud of the assignments that you make.

WEEK 13: Final Plans

This week I worked on figuring out who I wanted in my group and working with them to figure out what we wanted to do for our final project. We decided that we would create a Youtube channel called Wonder Women that would be to highlight women superheroes accomplishments. We are creating a whole channel so that we can design it how we want and create a logo for the show. We will only make one video and it will be around 10 minutes because there are only 2 of us in the group. My partner is Maggie O’Connor we worked out our ideas on a googledoc this week since we were both at home and couldn’t meet in person. We are hopping to get all the filming done on Tuesday so that we have time to edit and put the video together. We have split the project up into segments and each person will have a script ready by Tuesday and will add their introduction to the character to the video with a voiceover. Our plan is to have both of our heroes join forces, they are conveniently both scientists and plan to fight the villain called Global Warming who causes global warming lol. So we will introduce both of our characters and then the villain and to end will be a video showing how the heroes defeated the villain. I have created the Youtube channel and wrote a little summary of it’s goal. Maggie is creating the logo for it and we are both working on writing our introductions. I’m compiling a bunch of assignment options that we can us to complete the final so that we have multiple medias in the final product. I hope that my vision for the project will be reality when we are finished!

WEEK 12: Smashups and Demixes

This week I enjoyed making mashups of some of my favorite things like the band BTS, Disney, music, and funny scenes from movies!

My first assignment that I did was using an image from the one of the members of the band that I thought looked godly and adding a background that had a sun beam coming down on his face. I thought it would be funny and I was right wish I could have blended the images but couldn’t figure it out on GIMP or youtube tutorials.

Godlike Jimin

The second assignment I did was using the same band BTS which is my favorite and adding a different song to one of their music videos.

Fall Out Boys & Bangtan Boys

The third assignment I did was mashup of Disney songs I wish they would have flowed better but I enjoyed making it very much for more description on how I made it check out my post!

Disney Mashup


And for my final assignment I used images from 2 famous movies and combined them together which yet again I wasn’t able to blend them together as I had envisioned but I like the idea that I had and if they were blended together it would look really good. I like my idea though because both movies do deal with love triangles I both deal with heartbreak so I thought it was fitting having hime pierce both their hearts.

Love Triangle’s


Daily Creates

First one I did was


The second one was this

Love Triangle’s

I combined these 2 images because I know both of these movies pretty well and enjoyed watching both of them. Also in each movie love triangles are one of the main themes. I wish I could have melded them together but without a better photo editor I can’t.

Fall Out Boys & Bangtan Boys

I combined one of my favorite bands video called BTS of their song Not Today and I listened to a few songs on my iTunes with high energy and I thought Beat it by Fall Out Boy would work well with it. I was right I like the energy of it and if I had more time I would edit the video and the music a little more so that they went a little better with the dance scenes. I edited it a little and kept the original intro of the video because I thought it was a good start. Since the video was a lot longer than the music I edited it down to better fit it and I also took out a few parts from the song to better go with the scenes from the video I kept. I downloaded the video off of a website online and I had the song already on iTunes so I combined them on iMovie with a little bit of editing.


Godlike Jimin

I chose these 2 images because Jimin the face on the image is one of my favorite members in my favorite South Korean Boy bands called BTS. I thought it would be fun to make him look like a god from this image because he looks so regal and above other people. I chose both images off of Google. I’m annoyed that I couldn’t figure out how to make the edges of the image transparent and had to make them white instead. Other than that it came out how I wanted. Using GIMP is so annoying because it doesn’t explain how anything works and the tools aren’t very selective the only option is the whole image or nothing so I couldn’t even blur the edges of white around his face.

What happened?! – Ketchup

I created a short video that I wanted people to use their imaginations to think of things that could have happened and who it could have happened to.

I didn’t add an ending credit page because I used an open music cite where I didn’t need to worry about copyrights. I took my own videos and combined them on iMovie and included background music that I found. Also the use of ketchup was helpful.

Sexual Abuse PSA

I kind of changed up the assignment a little instead of making a PSA I wanted to make one of those dramatic fact videos about a relevant issue in todays society. It is also about what my superhero tries to fight against, which is sexual abuse and the patriarchal society that propels it. I used statistics from RAINN which stands for Rape Abuse & Incest National Network and combined images I found online with a song from Sam Smith that I thought was very appropriate.

Video I made for my friends 21st

A video I made for my friends 21st because she moved to the other side of the country so her friends and family couldn’t be with her to celebrate so I wanted to do something special and this is what I made. I claim no rights to the song cover by Hozier titled Sweet Thing. It was really fun to make I tried to add in more voice recordings but her family couldn’t figure out how to send them to me. But I love how it turned out over all by just using pictures that I had taken and off Facebook combining them and adding a perfect background song.