Brooding on the Metro


This assignment was worth 2 stars I had to take a bad picture add a vintage effect on it and write something moody in a bland font. It was pretty easy I went through pictures I had on my computer and found one where I had accidentally taken a picture while on the metro. I liked the idea of making it a moody picture and adding a brooding quote even though it wasn’t a good picture I like how it turned out even if it is a tad bit ridiculous! I used iPhoto to add a vintage effect and I added text by uploading the photo online.

Also I think it helps to portray a bad day for a superhero when they have to take the metro or they have to go to work instead of helping save people. The Star Fly was having a hard day on the metro while thinking about other beings who used to be her friends.

The Magical Island of Gwynn


Worth 4 stars I did a collage of pictures from the same place but instead of doing it at different times of day I choose to use pictures I had taken of the sunset because I knew there was a place I had taken many pictures of over the years. I had a chance to take many pictures of this specific place because I’d pass it any time I was leaving my house. It’s a view of the sunset reflecting off the water in each picture. I live on Gwynn’s Island in Mathews, VA so I drive over a bridge and right along the water to get to and from my house. It is my favorite spot on the island also the land area that you can see across the water is where my best friend lives so its nice being able to look over and think about her! I used Photoshop to enhance the pictures and also create them side-by-side it was a little difficult figuring exactly how to place them but eventually I got it figured out and I love the results.

Intricacies of Photography

Reading the article blew my mind! More like it surprised me how oblivious I had been about photography.

I had never thought of a picture as a story before reading these articles. Well I had thought about it but more from a historical and news perspective when people were blatantly trying to tell a story through their photography or where they were intentionally trying to capture a specific moment. I think since I mostly see peoples everyday pictures like from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and not pictures from actual photographers other than travel photos that I didn’t really notice that there were more powerful uses of photography than to show off your life or news events. I fell very silly for not realizing before this but the popular images are those that I have mentioned before many people don’t use it for a powerful story telling method instead it is for humor (which can be made into a powerful story but most are just for a laugh at someone) or travel lust pictures. Since I had not thought about photography in this way the article about storytelling was very eye opening and intriguing because I didn’t know that photography needed that much insight! I hope I can employ these tactics and instructions to create really intriguing and thought provoking photography.