WEEK 8: KLLM Radio Show Finished

Like I mentioned in my last post I was really glad to be able to work together with people and see them face-to-face. Overall the making my section of the podcast was not difficult but the background music and figuring out when to add background sound effects was. I ended up not adding sound effects because I just couldn’t get them how I wanted so I took them out. I did really enjoy the music in my background and how I changed it depending on the feelings I was expressing while telling my story. I wish I would have lowered the volume on some of the music so my voice was more in the forefront of the audio instead of the music competing with me. I really enjoyed making the commercial and the bumper I think those turned out really well and I enjoyed the topics and the way I presented them. I wish that we were able to figure out how to stabilize the audio so that the whole thing was on a more even sound level and there weren’t spikes in the volume but I really enjoyed everyones products. I think that everyones choice of background music was spot on and probably my favorite thing that I noticed in the show because as I have mentioned before I love discovering and listening to new music. Lots of fun! Hope you enjoy listening!

Daily Creates

The first one I chose to do was about the simplicity of minimalism and to capture that in a picture you had taken. I chose this picture because I love the simplicity yet delicateness of the flower. Know reflecting on it I don’t think that this is really minimalism because there is so much more that goes into this flower than the shape or the vibrant color or the complex structure. But I still love it and I still think there is an element of minimalism but I’m not sure quit what it is. lol


The second one I completed was on spirals and how beautiful they are. I chose the ball staircase because I had noticed the beautiful way it is built and the small details like the railings and stones used for the steps many times since I’ve lived there.




WEEK 7: KLLM Radio

This week it was fun working together and actually seeing other people in the group! I really like our idea of combining origin stories and relating them to real world problems today. I used all of my audio assignments to relate to the radio show.

This was the bumper I made

This is the commercial


Daily Creates:

  1. The first one I made was about the satellite that was rotating around Saturn. I decided to make a funny saying because robots don’t have feelings or able to think so I thought my idea was a little ironic since it wouldn’t be thinking that anyways.

2 The second one I did was on how I look when trying to finish blogging. I really like this movie and I like the gif so I decided to use it to amplify my statement lol

3. The third one I did was about possible spies that amazon has. I used my friends cat as an example because she always likes to sit on my computer and watch the screen.


KLLM Radio: Update

This week it took my group a little while to get our groups together and figure out a sort of idea online but once we were able to meet in person our ideas were able to be better stated and understood. We decided on the show name KLLM which uses each of our first initials and our subtitle/slogan is “changing the world one origin story at time”. So our topic is combining the 2 topics from people in our group to talk about the origins of superheroes and how they are combating a big world issue like global warming, sexual harassment, fake news, etc. We are all planning on making the bumpers, commercials, and background sounds for our sections this week for the audio assignments. Over break we are planning to record our own sections of the show and then meet up next week to combine them all and have a short reflection conversation for the ending of the show. 

Background Music KLLM Radio

I didn’t make a full flowing background sound I just chose a couple from garageband that I thought I could use for certain parts of my section in the radio show.

To explain from the beginning of the song I thought the first short section could be used to introduce my character and I can make those sounds loop for as long as I need. For the next section I thought I could use that to describe more about her life and maybe a self realization moment. For the third section I thought it would be a good background to describe something dramatic either the way she because superhuman or when she is fighting “villains”. The next part I thought I could use as maybe an emerging from a fight victorious but bruised and the next section would be a more background sound when I add other elements to it. So now that I’ve gotten a few sounds I’ll write my script and see how long of each section I need and make more basic background music to add the more dramatic sounds to.

KLLM Commercial: Are you scared yet?

I made this commercial for the radio show KLLM which we named because it is each of the people’s first initial in the group. I wanted to make a commercial that could be realistic on an actual radio show and something that is pertaining to events that are going to happen. So I thought it would be good to use the holiday coming up as inspiration! I like how it turned out I wish I could make the transition flow a little better but thats what I got from working with audacity. I took 2 songs from the internet and added them as the background I give full credit to the creators of the songs and make no claims to them.

Week 6: It’s the little things

This week I started off not really knowing where to begin because I knew very little about the specifics of design and seeing all the different categories on the photoblitz assignment made me a little hesitant but I think I did a pretty good job. Though I wish I would have taken more time and figured out how to use the programs properly on some of the design assignments I’m mostly pleased with how they came out! Overall I learned a lot about design and enjoyed most of the assignments that we had to do. I thought the videos about how comic creators think about how we read and how they use that information to control where our eyes go while reading a comic. Superrrr interesting!!!

Here are 2 of the assignments that I did can you guess either of them?

I enjoyed thinking up the idea for my superheros tattoo because I was able to combine a design that I want and add in an aspect of my heroes “life” too.

Daily Creates

The first one I did was the remembering what fears you had when you were little. I can’t remember anything before high school and thats actually something I’m afraid about now because I’m worried my memory will get worse.

The next dailycreates I completed was on the topic of making a vegetable smile. Because of limited resources I did a very simple face.

The third one I completed was on the topic of discarded storm names. I chose stormaggedon because I thought it was funny and thought I could make a humorous image out of it. This would be the movie about the storm if it actually happened.




These were the images I took fro my designblitz assignment.

To begin the top left is the picture I named pink haze. I grabbed all the pink things I owned and configured a layout to make them more put together and part of a design to create a good spacing. I got the idea from many examples I have seen on Instagram. I focused on spacing for the most part and sticking to one color. I thought it was a good example of color for the assignment

The picture to the right of the first image is a very iconic symbol in Fredericksburg though it has only been her for around 2 years. I’ve always appreciated the simplicity and minimalist look of this establishments logo. I think almost anyone in Fredericksburg would be able to guess the store simply from the orange circle. I believe that is a great accomplishment, to be known simply by a bright orange circle.

The second row on the left shows a contrast of 2 things first they are skateboards with art you wouldn’t normally think is on a board and second the contrast between the jaguar and the kitten. I believe this best displays the idea of balance. From the example it gave online it can be the contrast between 2 opposing views or to differentiate between birth and death. I believe this picture shows it well by using both the contrast of skateboarding and fine art while using young and harmless to old and deadly.

The image to the right of that one is one of my favorites because of the delicateness and design. I believe this structure represents metamorphoses and symbol best from designblitz examples because I think without placing the different parts of the structure into that specific shape you would not guess that it would make a star. Therefore the separate parts put together are what creates the image of a star.

The next image on the left is my favorite image because I love the creativity and the way that the image didn’t transfer all the way makes it even more charming to me. I believe this is a good example of typography because it doesn’t transfer all the way and it uses more of the wood below/ “white space” it makes it more charming to me.

I added the next picture because I like the structure and creativity of the glass together. I think that it would fall under proportion for this assignment because of the different sizes of glass, color, and the image that is created from these placements and color.

2nd Attempt

This is my second attempt at minimalist design for a movie its a different assignment but I just wanted to really work on this one and I really enjoyed how it turned out! I used Gimp this time and it did not turn out exactly how I wanted it because I couldn’t figure out how to get the red pattern to shift to the background but I like how it turned out either way! I also used the website clippingmagic to cut out the images hair it was simple to use!

Can you guess what it is? I think this one is much more obvious lol

Guess what movie, its a classic

It’s one of my favorite movies drenched in teeny angst. I found these images online and combined them on a word doc and took a screen shot of them so I didn’t have to use GIMP because my patience with the program is at its end. I also used 5 and its very helpful to think about why I had to use 5 and not 4 when guessing what movie it is. They describe different people just as an extra hint.