The Fuzzy Creature Strikes Again

What the hell is that thing!! Again it has entered a seemingly innocent persons room and pounced on them leaving them with fur and a minor bite on their neck! Many of the people have not been able to get a good look but one of the survivors were able to capture this image because they were on Snapchat during the time of the attack. We can not tell from the picture how big the creature was the victims state that they closed their eyes because it was coming at their faces. The attacks have only been happening during the full moon we know it sounds insane but we are starting to think that this creature is a werewolf! Any person who has information or experienced an attack should come forward and help find this creature! Please help before there are more victims!

Brooding on the Metro


This assignment was worth 2 stars I had to take a bad picture add a vintage effect on it and write something moody in a bland font. It was pretty easy I went through pictures I had on my computer and found one where I had accidentally taken a picture while on the metro. I liked the idea of making it a moody picture and adding a brooding quote even though it wasn’t a good picture I like how it turned out even if it is a tad bit ridiculous! I used iPhoto to add a vintage effect and I added text by uploading the photo online.

The Magical Island of Gwynn


Worth 4 stars I did a collage of pictures from the same place but instead of doing it at different times of day I choose to use pictures I had taken of the sunset because I knew there was a place I had taken many pictures of over the years. I had a chance to take many pictures of this specific place because I’d pass it any time I was leaving my house. It’s a view of the sunset reflecting off the water in each picture. I live on Gwynn’s Island in Mathews, VA so I drive over a bridge and right along the water to get to and from my house. It is my favorite spot on the island also the land area that you can see across the water is where my best friend lives so its nice being able to look over and think about her! I used Photoshop to enhance the pictures and also create them side-by-side it was a little difficult figuring exactly how to place them but eventually I got it figured out and I love the results.

Intricacies of Photography

Reading the article blew my mind! More like it surprised me how oblivious I had been about photography.

I had never thought of a picture as a story before reading these articles. Well I had thought about it but more from a historical and news perspective when people were blatantly trying to tell a story through their photography or where they were intentionally trying to capture a specific moment. I think since I mostly see peoples everyday pictures like from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and not pictures from actual photographers other than travel photos that I didn’t really notice that there were more powerful uses of photography than to show off your life or news events. I fell very silly for not realizing before this but the popular images are those that I have mentioned before many people don’t use it for a powerful story telling method instead it is for humor (which can be made into a powerful story but most are just for a laugh at someone) or travel lust pictures. Since I had not thought about photography in this way the article about storytelling was very eye opening and intriguing because I didn’t know that photography needed that much insight! I hope I can employ these tactics and instructions to create really intriguing and thought provoking photography.

Summary Week3

This week was a little difficult for me because I am a slow writer and I have a problem taking too much time trying to layout the specifics of what I am going to write and not enough time to actually write it and have time to edit. So this week my posts were mostly on Friday because I kept tweaking what I wanted to do hopefully if next week is another writing one I’ll get ahead of it so I can post throughout the week. I did enjoy reading about the superheroes this week I never thought that I would be interested enough to want to read about them but learning about the influences from long ancient and Middle Age times was really interesting. I’m glad I looked more into the use of female knights as a prototype because I found out more about them and it surprised me. I was surprised because I didn’t know that women were allowed to become knights because of the stereotypes that they are weak and in need of protection especially during those times when they were married off as soon as they could produce children! I had fun creating both of my superhero characters! I enjoyed making a superhero avatar from a website that was super easy to use and I admit I went through a few names from the generator until I got one that I wanted but I was happy with the name and the powers I was given. It made for an interesting story! I enjoyed writing it. Also adding on to the role-play post was interesting I wasn’t even sure where I was taking it but it was going lol. I wonder if anyone can guess what I described in my other writing assignment where I had to narrate the day in the life of a household item, I hope someone can!

Daily Creates:

The first one I did was about how people can deceive you into thinking there photo is artsy when actually its just staged perfectly in the cropped portion of the picture. I decided to do mine on the appearance of doing work and what most people like to think that they look like and what they want others to think which is that they are studious when in reality they are not. I struggle with this sometimes because I want to be able to be the studious and always focused and organized college student but that’s the farthest from the truth. Sometimes I just need a good TV episode to take a break between assignments with hence the picture entitled “What’s really going on here?”.


For the second daily one it probably took me the longest out of all the daily creates but only because I was stubbornly trying not to use photoshop and find another program online that could do it but I eventually gave up and used it anyways. Seeing the outcome I wish I would have figured out how to move the gif image but I couldn’t. That being said because I couldn’t move it I wish I had had the time to change the gif part instead of Gdragon a South Korean rap artist I would have put Psy another South Korean artist best known for Gangnam style. I would have chosen him instead because he has a move that looks like he is riding a horse and it would have fit since he would have been on top of the horses lol. I chose to do South Korean artists because the picture was from when Japan invaded and took over Pyongyang which was the capital of Korea when it was whole and is at the moment the North Korean Capital so I thought adding some new wave kpop artist dancing in an ancient painting would be funny! And it was I just wish it would have moved where I wanted it!!




The third one I did was what I would want my superpower to be and I decided I wanted to be a waterbender! I decided this because Avatar: The Last Airbender was my favorite TV show when I was little and my favorite character was Katara. She was a princess from the water tribe and had a fierce yet caring and badass side to her. So I tried to make myself look like I had bending powers hopefully I can make a more realistic looking one with a green screen for an assignment one of these weeks but we shall see.

This is Katara is and

and this is me trying to be Katara

What do you think I am?? No peeking!

Sitting, waiting, ready. I’m moved I feel like I’m being uncoiled like a snake. I felt a surge and I light up. Now I’m sitting waiting again but my energy is increasing I’m getting worked up I wonder if it’s because something uncoiled me. I think I’m going to burst with all this energy is it hot in here or is it just me? I’ve just beeped and I’m starting to move again this time there is a repetition to it I’m moving up and down and some of my hinges seem to be opening and closing. Yet I’m not closing all the way I wonder what’s happening is there something in me!! Why does this always happen to me? Whatever is in me is not very pleasant its sort of course at least its not hot and is helping to cool me down a little. It’s starting to smell a little funny there is an undertone of burning but it’s worse because its more of a reeking smell is that because of me?! How disgusting! Ok I’m being put down again and I’m starting to cool off thank goodness. Ahhh now I’m cool again. Oh now I’m getting picked up again and I feel like I’m being recoiled. Ok I feel whole again!


Bubbles the Clown

I decided to do the role-playing writing assignment, which is 4 stars and is under the tags WritingAssignments and WritingAssignments187.

This was my prompt by the assignment creator:

“Joe the clown was not a happy camper this morning. This was evidenced by the fact that he had put four lumps of sugar into his coffee, instead of the regular two. He only ever broke his two-sugars rule on special occasions, so going by that particular string of logic, this was a very special occasion indeed. Nevertheless Joe had little time to sulk, hunched over his kitchen table with remnants of buttered toast still clinging to the sides of his lips. And so it was that with a labored sigh he propped himself up off his seat and began the dreaded walk towards the front door, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a red rubber nose as he did so. He finished fixing the rubber implement on his own nose at about the same moment that his other hand fell on the cold, brass doorknob that led to the outside world. He paused for a moment, just a little longer than what he would usually allow himself (but this was a special occasion, remember). He then took a deep breath, turned the knob and stepped outside into the cold chilly morning air. It was time to have a word with the neighbors who had kept him up all night…”

Yes, Joe had neighbors who lived in the townhouse directly beside his, surprising because he wouldn’t seem to be the kind of person to live in a townhouse specifically for this reason. As he walked the 4 feet to their front porch steps he reflected on how he was going to scare the crap out of his neighbors as means of revenge for keeping him up the whole night. He didn’t handle confrontations well so his way of dealing with them was by putting on his alter ego, Bubbles the clown. Bubbles could handle these types of situations because he wasn’t scared what people thought of him. He was knocking on the door. Since today was a special day he had brought the butter knife he used on his toast this morning. Bubbles thought it would add a little extra excitement. His female neighbor opened the door and screamed. Bubbles being tactile stuck his foot in the door and proceeded to curse her for being loud last night with his most happily angry clown voice that he could muster. The female neighbor started running down her hallway and tripped over shoes that were lying in her way. At this point his male neighbor comes out of the kitchen with his own knife. His is a larger dicing knife not put off by this challenge Bubble advances with his best en garde stance and advanced. The male neighbor stepped in front of the his fallen roommate and the battle began as….

The Pioneering Superheroes

I thought that the article on how people and ancient characters from the past have influenced the superhero characters that we have today. I have never really been interested in superheroes. I’ve enjoyed the movies created out of the characters but I have never read a comic about one or become obsessed as to learn about them or watch all the movies associated with a superhero. I thought it was really interesting learning that superwoman was shaped from female knights from the Middle Ages. I didn’t know that there were many of them so it led me to do some research about them because the only 2 I knew of were Joan of Arch and Queen Elizabeth I. I found out that there were actually a surprising number in nowadays Spain they even had a military knighthood for women specifically founded in 1149. There were more allowed around Europe which surprised me because I always thought that women were thought to be too weak and not intelligent enough in the middle ages and that they were only worthy if they were a queen or if they were believed to be able to see the future. Not only finding out that there were many more female knights then I thought but also finding out that the personality of superwoman was also based off of the knights intrigued me more.

I think that creating a female superhero was very much needed when it came out because women were continuously being seen as needing help or as being the damsel in distress who couldn’t do more than scream for help to save herself. The first one is reported to have been created in the 1940’s this time period was also during the WWII when women were left behind in the US and were responsible for working to manufacture supplies that the US army needed while also taking care of the house and children. I’ve learned that this time was the starting shift of women leaving the house and working to help support the family too.

The idea of a damsel was similar to what I saw in the fist Superman cartoon where Lois was caught in a sticky spot and though Superman could tell that it wasn’t a good idea Lois the female journalist didn’t think about it. The storyline confused me because Clark Kent hearing that Lois was being assigned to interview a mad scientist who threatened to destroy a bridge and kill people thought it was dangerous but didn’t do anything to stop her from going or speaking up to take the job instead. He had to wait until something bad happened and then seemed compelled to do something about it. You would think he would have gotten the hint that the evil scientist was going to do something bad and to stop it before it happened but he didn’t seem to think that far ahead. Something that reminded me of the video by Kurt Vonnegut was the fighting scene I’ve noticed that there is no excitement if the fight is won too early so there are different factors that create more of a challenge for a superhero during a fight with a villain. With smaller scale criminals they normally can defeat them easily but something about villains and superheroes fighting must mean that it has to be made more difficult to defeat them for the excitement. Overall I really enjoyed learning more about how superheroes and their a little about how their stories are created. Kurt Vonnegut was very entertaining and humorous in the YouTube video I enjoyed it!

Black Dahlia

My name is Daisy Bates I am the Black Dahlia’s biggest fan. I have all articles and any information on her including the research that she has conducted. I have created a journal about all of the findings and my theory about why she became the Black Dahlia. My theory is that she is the famous botanist Lilah Tanoa she was born in Fiji in 1988 on January 23. She lived there until she was 6 when she started going to school in Australia when she entered high school she joined the rugby team and became one of the top players in her region. She was also one of the top academic students in her school and graduated the top of her class. After graduation she moved to the United States to go to college at Georgetown and earned her doctorate there as well.

During her time in college she constructed many experiments about ways to create plant-based defense materials to help stop sexual assault of women. Throughout her college experience she also joined the feminist club and was a very outspoken member and her senior year she was the president of the club and promoted many events including Speaking Out Against the Patriarchy which began a wave of movements across college campuses. She also continued to play club rugby for her school she kept in shape while after college by running marathons. After she graduated she was asked to join a botanist group in DC and work and experiment at the United States Botanic Garden she agreed and was able to continue working on her project in hopes of helping women avoid sexual assault.

In 2015 when working on this experiment it went wrong and one of her lab assistants died. It was also during this freak accident when she received her powers. After this event she fled from the field and is assumed to have become a recluse. There have been sightings though and that is why I believe I know who she is because the description fits Lilah’s appearance and also because she helps women who are about to be assaulted in Virginia. People have said that they have seen a similarly described woman entering the Shenandoah Mountains. Also at the crime areas where the assailants are left tried in vines there have been traces and evidence of her projects being used against the criminals.

Witnesses have described her as being in her late 20’s to early 30’s with curly, thick black hair, green eyes that have a wild look in them, have states that she is tall with an athletic build and broad shoulders. The blurry pictures captured from surveillance cameras show these to be true and also that she dresses in loose fitting linen clothes that have a earthen color to them. They state she has a strange accent and can’t place it I assume that from listening to her speeches it is a mix of Fijian and Australian accents. She left a note on the first assailant that she stopped that stated she was the Black Dahlia and that she wouldn’t stop fighting the patriarchy until men treated women as equals and not as things they are entitled to.

When considering why she chose the name Black Dahlia I’ve done some research and found out that it was the name given to a heinous murder case that happened in the late 1940’s. The victims name was Elizabeth Short she was only 22 years old when she was viciously beaten and then hacked perfectly in half. She was posed with a foot of distance between her top section and her bottom section. After her death people talked about her being a wild girl and ahead of her time because she would go out and drink until late in the morning. There is a record of arrest because she was charged with underage drinking. I believe that the reason why Lilah chose this name is because of the obvious assault that happened to Elizabeth Short and the suffering she must have gone through. But I also think its because of the way that society viewed Elizabeth Shorts as a reckless young women who wasn’t married and therefore because she put herself in those situations deserved what she got. I believe that the Black Dahlia fights for women and against the patriarchy under this name in order to show the prejudice and presumptions on how women should act. She is my role model I hope one day I can be as influential and helpful against the patriarchy as she is.

My name is Star Fly

Today is my 7th day on the planet Earth and I have decided to document it. My name is Star Fly I have come to a strange planet and have not found a way to return to my own planet Centron. The beings here are strange though luckily I am able to fit in because I can transform to look like them. I have added a picture I took on something they call a phone. Though I have landed in a strange place called Bangkok on this world. It seems the world is split into different sections that are islands and then split further into smaller areas with different names and it continues till it is what they call a town. It seems that a place structured this way would be a heavily divided place. I have not found out how far the divide goes yet but from my experience on the streets of Bangkok people are not kind to one another. I have been going around providing warm meals to hungry here who have nothing and no one seems to care. I buy them a meal and give them some heat for the night by creating stars that are small gas burning suns that can last for years. They only heat or hurt, if I am using them for battle, what I command them too so if I give them the ability to heat food and humans but not to a point of damage they shall, as long as they burn, keep to those commands. I plan to continue the same work today and start to find out other issues that this planet is encountering.

I am heading to the library now to research this place. I have stopped twice to provide my stars and food to 3 unfortunate beings that had no food. I was able to buy them food because I can turn anything into money here just like my appearance I can change anything’s appearance. The rocks on the streets work best since no one needs them. Entering the library where I was told I could find much information I went to the help desk and asked for information on the world. The “librarian” answered that I could look into the scientific information on the world, or to look in the history section for information on human’s actions, or at the newspapers for more recent events. I decided to look at all the newspapers for today and found that there are many horrific events happening around this world. One that is most predominate is the North Korea’s threat of nuclear war and another is the President of the United States, Trump who seems to be completely against other human’s rights. There are many other articles that point to a very tumultuous world and I have an instinct that says I’m here to help these beings. We shall see what tomorrow brings in at the library, I am thinking about trying out what humans call a computer.